Made in the USA.  As a Law Enforcement family, we have firsthand experience with stubborn body armor odor. ARMORPUR® also kills odor on:

- Hockey / Gym / Sports Gear & Bags
- Modern Synthetics, Cold-Water-Wash Items
- UGG® & Work Boots / Sneakers
- SCUBA / Neoprene / Damp Carpeting
- Camp Gear / Tents


** Leslie Holland: I can't even begin to describe what my son's lacrosse gear smelled like tonight. I guess I should've cleaned it after those brutally hot practices--it was so gross! Sorry for his smelly stuff in your cars, but it's all nice and fresh now thanks to ARMORPUR that made it fresh again! (on FB)

** T.B.: I appreciate your product very much! The shipping of the product was excellent and I experienced absolutely no problems upon its receipt. Thanks again for this great service you provide especially during the hot summer months!

** Brian Pacifico: I wanted you to know that your product is outstanding! I've been in law enforcement for 20 years and always hated the sweaty smell of my vest even after I washed the carrier. Then we switched to a performance polo as a summer shirt and I had the odor issue with the vest and performance polo.  One wash with Fine Wash and spray of Odor neutralizer and the odor is GONE!  This is now the only product I will use to clean and deodorize my uniforms and vest carrier; I'm a customer for life!  I have convinced other officers to purchase ARMORPUR after one use.  I would also like to commend you on your great customer service. I made a quick phone call and was met with a concern for the product and customer satisfaction that is rarely heard of anymore.  It's rare to have an outstanding product and excellent customer service, in my experience you get one or the other.  I hope this helps other officers that are worried about trying a new product understand that ARMORPUR is the real deal.  Thanks ARMORPUR for an excellent product and excellent customer service.

** Michelle
: As a mom of 3 hockey boys and 2 German shepherds. I need this by the truckload! It is the best spray! Use it on everything!!!

** D. Renzi, SBT Cape May
: I've been doing federal law enforcement for the better part of 10 years with the CG. I am always sweating from hooking up migrants or pulling drugs out of a cargo hold. When I transferred to Boston in 2010, my Chief mentioned something about ARMORPUR. We got our hands on a bottle the following year and have been using it ever since. I am now in New Jersey and we always keep the product in our lockers. It's honestly a morale booster! Everyone hates being sweaty; at least now we don't smell like a stale hoagie too!

** Sgt. David Stull, Orange Cty FL: I wanted to let you know how happy I am with ARMORPUR. I have been in law enforcement for 25 yrs, but only discovered your products last year. In FLA, where humidity levels go to 90%  to match the 90+ degree temps, keeping body armor from smelling was impossible until I started using ARMORPUR.  I tried everything else with no success. No matter how good it smelled when I put it on, the funk came back. Since I have been using ARMORPUR the funk is gone. It took a couple of days, but after a day or two, the funk was gone & has not returned. I don't endorse many products, but this stuff works as advertised. If you wear a vest every day, you need ARMORPUR.

** Aaron Reichert
: I wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for a great product and service. After 15 years of wearing body armor and trying everything possible to deal with the funk I am extremely happy that there is a product that actually works. In addition to a great product you guys fullfill an order and ship it quickly.

** S.H., Colorado: I buy Armorpur and use it for a lot of deodorizing issues, including when I left wet towels in my washing machine for 2 days.  Armorpur Fine Wash took care of it with a single washing!
** Ofc. J.C.: NJ: This stuff works GREAT, the only thing we have found to kill the "funk" from ballistic vests!

** Ofc. G.V.: I have heard nothing but good things about your product and am excited to start using it.  Two of the spray bottles are for officers that work on my shift, we always complain to each other about how our vests smell.  Thanks for your great service!!!!!

** Sgt. Mike Paglia, Lodi PD:  I love your product, I use it all the time. It does work as advertised. Thanks for a great product.

** Tri-County Tactical, NJ, David O'Dowd
: ARMORPUR is a terrific product. It sells really well in our store and our customers feel it's the best body armor odor-neutralizer. There's a real need for this product.

** Ofc Dan Disney, Indy Metro PD: I went out to the range today and picked up my new vest. I used some of your product on my old vest and I was impressed. For years I have been using Fabreze and body sprays (not working so great). I would love to purchase some of your product as well as many of the guys.

** NEW AMERICAN TRUTH MAGAZINE (product review by Steve Forgues, Police Officer): I bought some ARMORPUR at the expo in Atlantic City and love it. I spray it on my vest carrier after every shift...

** Shawn Holland, Police Officer, NJ: I was skeptical before trying ARMORPUR because all of us had tried every product out there, and nothing worked. ARMORPUR works. I use both ARMORPUR products--the Spray that I use daily and the Fine Wash once a week. My wife throws my outershell, all my undershirts, and anything else that stinks into the washing machine, and the funk is totally gone. ARMORPUR also works on my bicycle pants, tees, and socks. I'll be buying more.

** R.F., NJ: My teenage son plays sports throughout the year. Unfortunately, some of his sports gear smelled. A parent suggested ARMORPUR. I used ARMORPUR SPRAY in the duffle bag and shoes, and the ARMORPUR FINE WASH detergent on his colored synthetic uniform in cold water. ARMORPUR worked great to get rid of that embedded smell.

** IPMBA MAGAZINE (product review by, Robert Hatcher, Delaware PD): Looking for something new to try on my "pungent" vest, I bought the "ARMORPUR Set" (a bottle each of: ARMORPUR ODOR NEUTRALIZING SPRAY & ARMORPUR FINE WASH). Since it was nearing the end of the summer (Sept.), I used the SPRAY on my outershell after a long, sweaty day on the bike.  The following day there was no stinky odor! As recommended, I continued to use ARMORPUR over the winter months to maintain an odor-free vest. Once summer hit again, I used it religiously (everyday after use, the outershell received a shot of the SPRAY).  When it was time for a load of laundry, I used ARMORPUR FINE WASH to remove odors from my outershell, t-shirts, and any other clothing that may have gotten some stink on it. By using both, all odors are gone!

** Stacy M., 2011 Police Security Expo, Atlantic City, NJ: We bought this at the Atlantic City Police Expo - best thing we bought there.  We will be buying more - you have a great product!

** Craig Ballurio, Loss Prevention, Burlington Coat Factory: I emailed Lorenza regarding a product and within 30 minutes I had and email and a follow up telephone call. They follow up quickly and go out of their way to assist you, which in today's world, is rare. I strongly recommend them and will make further purchases from ARMORPUR.